Asphalt Chip Sealer DAL08-T35

Asphalt Chip Sealer DAL08-T35

Synchronous Chip Sealer DAL08-T35, which is a type of special-purpose machinery jointly developed and manufactured for construction of bitumen pavement by the Company, USA Phoenix, and Chang An University, is widely applicable to the quick synchronous highway spray/distribution operations, and it may spray/distribute bitumen and aggregate as per synchronous or separate mode. It is provided with the advantages of costing saving, surface wear resistance, slip resistance, water resistance, and quick traffic recovery when construction is completed. It is applicable to the construction of highways of different grades.

The vehicle is based on the modified chassis SX1255JM434 manufactured by Shaanxi Automobile Group, with reliable quality. Its bitumen tank is cased with heat insulating material aluminum silicate, with relatively heat preservation performance. Automatic asphalt spraying as per preset volume through the rear spray pipe or manual asphalt spraying through the portable spray pipe can be freely selected. The external asphalt pump allows easy maintenance. The pipeline system allows heat-transfer oil heating and high-pressure air scour, so they may be free of clogging. The chip distributing mechanism is designed with good compactness, and the opening extent of the material gate may be controlled through the manual rotor disc. The spray/distribution volume/accuracy of bitumen and chip is under overall computerized control such that the synchronous interlock of bitumen/chip spray/distribution may be uniform and zero-vacancy spray/distribution. Furthermore, the vehicle is characterized by elegant appearance, compact construction, comfortable driving, and convenience in operation etc., and it is particularly applicable to the construction, repair, and maintenance of highway pavement.

Features Of Asphalt Chip Sealer DAL08-T35

The equipment is mainly composed of a chassis, a bitumen tank, a storage bin system, a bitumen spray system, a bitumen circulating system, a chip distributing system, a hydraulic system, a heat transfer oil circulating system, and a pipeline purging and automatic control system etc.


Delong chassis SX1255JM434, which is manufactured by Shaanxi Automobile Group and characterized by its reliable quality, is applied to support the vehicle body and offer motive force.

2.2Asphalt Tank

It is cased with heat insulating material aluminum silicate with relatively heat preservation performance, and its stainless-steel casing is pleasing to the eye, ensuring high neatness.

2.3Storage Bin System

The vehicle is provided with a fixed storage bin and a mobile storage bin with high capacity, and the upward/downward motions of the latter are under computerized control. The 2-segment construction of a lift-up bin + a fixed bin may effectively expand the capacity of the bins and their working hours.

2.4Bitumen Spray System

The ON/OFF of each spray nozzle is controlled by a single cylinder, and the speed of bitumen pump may be automatically regulated through the automatic control system as per the spray volume.

2.5Bitumen Circulating System

The hydraulic motor drives the bitumen pump such that the high/low circulation of bitumen may be realized in the bitumen tank, bitumen pipeline, and the rear spray mechanism.

2.6Chip Distribution System

In accordance with different distribution mode, the opening extent of the aggregate gate may be regulated manually so as to realize the optimum, flexible, and uniform distribution.

2.7Hydraulic System

It may drive hydraulic motor to fulfill various actions, ensuring high working efficiency.

2.8Heat Transfer Oil Circulating System

The hydraulic motor may drive the heat transfer oil pump to keep warm or heat up the bitumen tank, bitumen pipeline, and spray system.

2.9Pipeline Purging

Heat transfer oil heating and high pressure air purging are applied such that the spray nozzles are seldom jammed, and the heating and purging may be automatically fulfilled by the electric system, with high reliability and expedience.

Technical Data of Asphalt Chip Sealer DAL08-T35



Model of chassis



Flat-bonnet, 6×4 rear wheel drive

Engine model


power (kw/r/min)


Rated passenger capacity of driver's cabin (number of passengers)


Dimensions (mm)


Total weight (kg)


Maximum total mass (kg)


Wheel tread (mm)

Front wheel


Rear wheel


Wheel base (mm)


Front suspension (mm)


Rear suspension (mm)


Maximum speed (km/h)


Fuel consumption per 100km (L)


Driving speed during operation (km/h)


Rated capacity of bitumen tank (L)


Capacity of aggregate storage bin (m3)


Grain size of aggregate (mm)


Spray (distribution) width (m)


Bitumen spray (distribution) volume (L/m2)


Permissible viscosity of bitumen working medium (Cst)


Maximum air pressure of the purging system (MPa)


Maximum pressure of the hydraulic system (MPa)